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The Commemoration of World Diabetes Day by Leading Medtech Companies

The Commemoration of World Diabetes Day by Leading Medtech Companies

Top Medical Device Manufacturers Mark World Diabetes Day

Each November, the global diabetes community unites in recognition of both National Diabetes Month in the U.S. and the worldwide observance of World Diabetes Day.

This day, celebrated on November 14th, pays homage to Sir Frederick Banting, the co-discoverer of insulin in 1922, along with Charles Herbert Best.

In a collective effort to raise awareness and deepen understanding about this chronic condition, numerous medical technology companies specializing in diabetes consistently undertake initiatives every year.

We’ve documented the endeavors of these companies in both 2021 and 2022. Today, on World Diabetes Day 2023, let’s delve into the activities carried out by the diabetes-focused medtech community:

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Abbott: “Countdown at a Crossroads” Initiative

Abbott (NYSE:ABT) commemorates National Diabetes Awareness Month with the launch of its “Countdown at a Crossroads” initiative. This endeavor features an animated installation at New York City’s Oculus Center, spotlighting individuals affected by diabetes.

Notably, comedian and talk show host Sherri Shepherd, a diabetes advocate, shares her experience using Abbott’s FreeStyle Libre continuous glucose monitor (CGM) to manage her Type 2 diabetes. Shepherd emphasizes the transformative impact of this technology on her life and aims, alongside Abbott, to enhance awareness about its accessibility.

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Ascensia Diabetes Care: Art and Photo Competition

Ascensia, known for the Contour blood glucose monitoring system and distributor of Senseonics Eversense CGM, has initiated an art and photo competition.

Designed to capture the authentic experiences of individuals living with diabetes, this competition aligns with the theme of World Diabetes Day.

Winners will have the opportunity to contribute €6,000, €3,000, and €1,000, respectively, to a diabetes charity of their choice.

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Dexcom: “#SeeDiabetes” Initiative

Dexcom introduces a global portrait gallery under its “#SeeDiabetes” initiative. Collaborating with Australian model Bambi Northwood Blyth, a Dexcom technology user, the project aims to showcase diverse individuals living with diabetes from various backgrounds worldwide.

The initiative highlights the brand’s commitment to expanding access to vital diabetes technology. Notable figures, including Nick Jonas, Patti LaBelle, and Victor Garber, are featured as part of this effort.

Insulet: Nasdaq Stock Market Appearance

In acknowledgment of World Diabetes Day, Insulet participates in the Nasdaq Stock Market for the ninth consecutive year. Led by Jim Hollingshead, Insulet’s president and CEO, the event includes ringing the Nasdaq’s closing bell.

Insulet aims to emphasize the significance of diabetes awareness and its mission beyond innovative insulin delivery technology. The company plans a series of campaigns throughout the month to amplify diabetes awareness and eliminate stigma.

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Medtronic: Blue Balloon Challenge Returns

Medtronic revives its Blue Balloon Challenge, encouraging people with diabetes to contribute to raising awareness by sharing videos or photos of themselves bouncing a blue balloon, accompanied by the hashtag #BlueBalloonChallenge on social media.

Notable advocates, including actress Jennifer Stone and former NFL player Kyle Rudolph, have participated. For every post shared, Medtronic pledges a $5 donation to the Life for a Child organization, dedicated to supporting young people with diabetes in multiple countries.

On this World Diabetes Day, Medtech companies continue their relentless efforts to raise awareness, support, and improve the lives of individuals managing diabetes worldwide. These initiatives underscore a collective commitment to fostering understanding, access to technology, and enhanced care for those impacted by this chronic condition.