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Dexcom’s Insights: HCL Systems in Diabetes Management

Exploring Dexcom's Insights: Unveiling HCL Systems in Diabetes Management

Dexcom’s Novel Diabetes Research Unveils HCL Perceptions

Dexcom, a leading global entity in continuous glucose monitoring, sheds light on groundbreaking research revealing the struggles individuals face in managing glucose levels. Their latest market study exposes that a staggering 79% struggle to maintain glucose levels within the desired range. Moreover, a significant 45% lack comprehension of Hybrid Closed Loop Systems (HCL) and their inherent benefits.

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Unpacking the Significance of HCL Systems

Often dubbed as an ‘artificial pancreas,’ the HCL system intricately links an insulin pump and a continuous glucose monitor (CGM) through an algorithm. This algorithm calculates required insulin doses based on real-time blood glucose readings—a game-changer in diabetes management.

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Impact of NICE’s Technology Appraisal (TA)

This research comes in the wake of NICE’s Technology Appraisal (TA), offering comprehensive guidelines for HCL system utilization. With an estimated impact on over 150,000 individuals living with type 1 diabetes in England, the TA heralds improved access to HCL systems.

Insights from Dexcom’s Market Access Head

Shay Speakman-Brown, Dexcom’s Head of Market Access, shares exclusive insights with Digital Health News. She highlights the profound benefits HCL systems offer to patients and healthcare providers alike.

Envisioning the Benefits of HCL Systems

Speakman-Brown emphasizes the transformative potential of HCL systems from a clinician’s perspective. Anticipation swirls around the transformative impact these guidelines will have, with an overwhelming 99% of healthcare providers anticipating a substantial change in the lives of type 1 diabetes patients.

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Transformative Benefits for Patients

The benefits extend beyond clinical realms, encompassing vital aspects like timing range, enhanced productivity at work, and improved sleep for patients. Speakman-Brown underscores the reduction of stress associated with diabetes, envisioning a future where automated systems ease the burden for patients.

Accelerating Diabetes Innovations in Healthcare

Innovations in diabetes care, such as the Healum Collaborative Care planning Software and App for type 2 diabetes patients, underscore the rising prominence of diabetes technology within the NHS.

A Vision for Enhanced Diabetes Management

Speakman-Brown emphasizes the imperative role of technology in diabetes care, acknowledging that individuals managing diabetes can’t take a break. Her vision includes equitable access to affordable technology, fostering a higher quality of life for individuals living with diabetes.

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Future Aspirations in Diabetes Care

As Dexcom pioneers accessible and affordable technology, the aspiration is for continued access and affordability within the NHS. The aim is to provide robust education and support, empowering patients to strive for an improved quality of life in their battle against diabetes.