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Traveling with Diabetes: CGM Tips and Insights

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Traveling with Diabetes: CGM Tips and Insights

Understanding CGM Devices

CGM devices are essential tools that allow individuals with diabetes to monitor their blood glucose levels continuously. These devices offer real-time data, helping you make informed decisions about your food intake, insulin dosage, and physical activities.

Why CGMs are Game-Changers for Travel

CGMs offer a significant advantage for travelers with diabetes. They eliminate the need for frequent finger pricks, providing you with up-to-date glucose readings throughout your trip. This means you can enjoy your travel experiences without constantly worrying about your blood sugar levels. If you want to see either you or a friend qualify for a CGM, Fill out the form here.

Preparing Your CGM Kit

Before embarking on your journey, ensure your CGM kit is well-prepared. Pack extra sensors, charging cables, and any necessary accessories. It’s wise to carry a letter from your doctor explaining your condition and the need for medical devices.

Ensuring Proper Adhesion

Maintaining good adhesion is essential to ensure accurate Continuous Glucose Monitor readings. Clean the application site with an alcohol swab, allow it to dry, and apply the sensor according to the manufacturer’s instructions. Additionally, pack adhesive patches to secure the sensor during water-based activities.

Staying Hydrated and Mindful of Food Choices

Travel often involves changes in climate and time zones. Stay hydrated and mindful of your food choices to manage your blood sugar effectively. CGMs will assist you in understanding how different foods and activities impact your glucose levels.

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Airport Security and CGM Devices

Airport security checks are a routine part of travel. Inform the security personnel about your CGM device, and if necessary, request a manual inspection instead of going through the scanner. Most CGM devices are not adversely affected by common security equipment.

Exploring New Cuisines and Insulin Management

One of the joys of travel is savoring new cuisines. However, keep in mind that unfamiliar foods can affect your blood sugar levels. CGMs provide real-time data, helping you adjust your insulin dosage accordingly.

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Q: Can I swim with my CGM?

A: Yes, many CGM devices are waterproof and designed to be worn during activities like swimming. Remember to use adhesive patches for extra security.

Q: Will time zone changes affect my CGM readings?

A: CGMs often adjust to new time zones automatically. However, it’s a good practice to manually update the time settings to ensure accurate data.

Q: Are CGM devices covered by travel insurance?

A: Check with your insurance provider to understand coverage for CGM devices during travel. It’s advisable to carry documentation about the device’s medical necessity.

Q: Can I calibrate my CGM while traveling?

A: Calibration might be necessary to ensure accuracy. Follow the device’s guidelines for calibrating, and carry the required calibration solutions with you.

Q: How do I prevent skin irritation from the adhesive?

A: Ensure the application site is clean and dry before attaching the sensor. You can also use skin barrier products or adhesive patches designed for sensitive skin.

Q: Are there restrictions on carrying CGM supplies in hand luggage?

A: It’s best to check with the airline’s guidelines and regulations regarding the transportation of medical devices and supplies.


Traveling with diabetes no longer needs to be a source of anxiety. CGMs offer a reliable and convenient way to monitor your glucose levels while exploring new places. By following the tips and insights provided in this guide, you can enjoy your travel adventures while effectively managing your diabetes.

Remember, every journey is an opportunity to learn more about how your body responds to different situations. With CGMs by your side, you can embrace travel with confidence, knowing that your health is well-monitored. So, pack your bags and embark on your next adventure, armed with the knowledge and tools to make the most of every moment.