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The Awareness Campaign at Oculus Center in New York

The Awareness Campaign at Oculus Center in New York

Abbott’s ‘Countdown at a Crossroads’ Diabetes Awareness Campaign Takes Over New York’s Oculus

Abbott, a leading manufacturer of continuous glucose monitors (CGMs), has launched a new campaign in collaboration with comedian and talk show host Sherri Shepherd to raise awareness during National Diabetes Awareness Month.

Abbott’s campaign is centered around an installation at the Oculus Center in New York. This installation features individuals impacted by diabetes, changing faces every 23 seconds to symbolize the rapid rate of diabetes diagnoses.

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A QR code on the installation connects visitors to the www.Crossroads.Abbott website, which offers information on Abbott’s FreeStyle Libre technology.

Supporting Wider Access to CGMs

Abbott’s primary goal is to create awareness about the benefits of continuous glucose monitoring technology and promote broader access to CGMs. By launching this campaign, Abbott aims to emphasize that CGM systems can significantly reduce diabetes-related complications, enhance health outcomes, and improve the overall quality of life for those with diabetes.

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Donation to the American Diabetes Association

In a philanthropic gesture, Abbott has pledged to donate 99 cents to the American Diabetes Association’s Health Equity Now program for every visitor to the campaign’s website.

This initiative reflects Abbott’s commitment to making CGM technology more accessible and supporting initiatives that promote health equity in the diabetes community.

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Improving Lives Through CGM Technology

Sherri Shepherd, who has experience with Type 2 diabetes, has embraced the use of FreeStyle Libre sensors to monitor her glucose levels.

She believes that this technology has not only improved her understanding of diabetes but has also enhanced her quality of life. Shepherd is determined to help spread awareness about this life-changing technology and Abbott’s efforts to make it more widely available.

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Abbott’s ‘Countdown at a Crossroads’ campaign is a significant step in promoting the benefits of CGM technology and encouraging greater access to these life-changing devices for people living with diabetes.

With the goal of reducing complications, improving health outcomes, and enhancing the quality of life, this campaign seeks to make a positive impact on the diabetes community.