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Sequel’s twiist™ AID System: A Revolution in Type 1 Diabetes Insulin Delivery?

Sequel's twiist™ AID System

Sequel’s twiist™ AID System


Millions of people worldwide live with type 1 diabetes, a chronic condition where the body cannot produce insulin. Traditional management involves daily injections or pump therapy.

However, a new development offers a potential game-changer: Sequel Med Tech’s automated insulin delivery (AID) system, twiist™. This article explores the features, technology, and potential impact of twiist™ on managing type 1 diabetes.

FDA Clearance and Key Features

On March 18, 2024, DEKA Research & Development Corp., Sequel Med Tech’s partner, received FDA 510(k) clearance for the twiist™ AID system.

This clearance signifies a significant advancement in insulin delivery for people with type 1 diabetes aged 6 and above. The key feature of twiist™ lies in its ability to directly measure insulin volume and flow with every micro-dose, ensuring precise delivery, unlike traditional methods.

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Leveraging Advanced Technology

The Sequel’s twiist™ AID system integrates seamlessly with continuous glucose monitoring (CGM) data and utilizes advanced algorithms to personalize insulin delivery for each user.

This automation aims to simplify diabetes management and potentially improve blood sugar control. Additionally, twiist™ leverages the FDA-cleared Tidepool Loop technology, allowing for automatic adjustments based on real-time glucose readings and predictions.

Benefits and Accessibility

Sequel Med Tech emphasizes not only technological innovation but also user experience. They plan to distribute Sequel’s twiist™ through the pharmacy channel, aiming for wider accessibility and affordability. This could be a significant benefit for patients seeking a convenient and potentially cost-effective way to manage their diabetes.

The Importance of Continuous Glucose Monitoring (CGMs)

The effectiveness of the Sequel’s twiist™ AID system relies heavily on continuous glucose monitoring (CGMs). CGMs are small, wearable devices that provide real-time data on blood sugar levels throughout the day. This continuous data stream is crucial for the algorithms in twiist™ to adjust insulin delivery and optimize blood sugar control.

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Med Supply US: Your Partner in Diabetes Management

At Med Supply US, we understand the importance of having access to the latest advancements in diabetes management tools. We offer a wide variety of CGMs from reputable manufacturers like Abbott and Dexcom, ensuring you have the right tools to work seamlessly with systems like twiist™.

Our expertise goes beyond just providing supplies. We are dedicated to being your partner on your journey to better health. Our team can help you navigate insurance coverage for CGMs, answer any questions you may have about these devices, and connect you with valuable resources to empower you in managing your diabetes.


The arrival of the Sequel’s twiist AID system marks a promising step forward in automated insulin delivery for type 1 diabetes. Whether it truly lives up to its potential for improved control and user experience remains to be seen with wider use.

However, the technology and focus on accessibility offer hope for a future with simpler and more effective diabetes management. Additionally, with Med Supply US as your partner, you can ensure you have the resources and support needed to get the most out of advancements like Sequel’s twiist™.