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Pharmacists Test CGMs for Diabetes Management

CGMs for diabetes management

Review: Discount Drug Mart Pharmacists Test CGMs for Diabetes Management

In Ohio, Discount Drug Mart’s pharmacists, Chris Peshek, PharmD, RPh, and Nimesh Patel, RPh, MBA, dedicated a month to testing various continuous glucose monitors (CGMs) to understand their impact on diabetes management.

Despite not having diabetes themselves, their curiosity and desire for firsthand experience motivated them to explore these devices’ capabilities.

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Exploring CGMs: Insights and Observations

Unlike traditional finger stick methods, CGMs offer continuous glucose readings, enabling individuals to monitor their glucose levels 24/7 through wearable devices connected to smartphones.

The real-time data and alerts for high or low glucose levels are invaluable for diabetics, providing immediate awareness and prompting better decision-making regarding their health.

During their testing period, Peshek and Patel frequently received alerts related to their meals, prompting a deeper understanding of how different foods affect glucose levels.

They noted substantial variations based on food choices, such as the rapid spike caused by hash browns compared to a slower increase from consuming cereal.

Additionally, they highlighted the impact of specific fruits, like grapes versus bananas, on glucose levels, emphasizing the importance of personalizing dietary choices for diabetic patients.

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Insights Gained and Unexpected Lessons

Their experiences with CGMs for Diabetes Management revealed surprising insights. Peshek found himself more mindful of portion control, while Patel recognized the necessity of avoiding certain foods on days with reduced physical activity.

Implications and Future Possibilities

Although not universally covered by insurance and requiring a prescription, CGMs for Diabetes Management possess the potential to assist pre-diabetic individuals in making informed choices and potentially preventing diabetes by providing real-time feedback and tools for better decision-making.

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The insights gained by Peshek and Patel through their CGM testing underscore the significance of personalized diabetes management, highlighting the potential for these devices to revolutionize individualized care for diabetic patients.

This initiative not only broadened the pharmacists’ knowledge but also shed light on the potential impact of CGMs for Diabetes Management empowering individuals to manage their health more effectively, possibly preventing the onset of diabetes through informed lifestyle choices.