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Empowering Healthcare: Novo Nordisk’s Commitment to Global Diabetes Care

Empowering Healthcare: Novo Nordisk's Commitment to Global Diabetes Care

Novo Nordisk: A Century of Innovation in Chronic Disease Management

For over a century, Novo Nordisk, a Danish multinational healthcare corporation, has dedicated itself to addressing unmet medical needs for individuals grappling with chronic diseases.

Focused on diabetes, obesity, rare blood disorders, and endocrine ailments, the company strives to revolutionize treatment accessibility and effectiveness worldwide.

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Championing Critical Chronic Disease Treatment

Nordisk directs its efforts towards combatting prevalent global health challenges, with a strong focus on type 1 diabetes, type 2 diabetes, obesity, haemophilia, and growth disorders.

Leveraging patient-centric approaches, the company transforms pioneering ideas into life-altering medications, fostering innovation and commercial excellence.

Pioneering Advances in Medical Solutions

From pioneering biological medicines to fostering access, Novo Nordisk champions innovation across its laboratories and production facilities.

The company’s steadfast commitment includes groundbreaking stem cell-based therapies, continually advancing medical devices, and digital health solutions, ensuring progressive developments in healthcare technologies.

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Novo Nordisk in Numbers: A Beacon of Healthcare Solutions

The company stands as a beacon in the healthcare sector, producing half of the world’s insulin supply, manufacturing over 600 million insulin pens, and serving more than 36 million individuals with diabetes care products globally.

Conducting clinical trials in over 50 countries, Novo Nordisk’s global reach underscores its commitment to advancing medical research and innovation.

Driving Accessible Insulin Supply in Africa

With over 650 million adults worldwide facing obesity challenges and an estimated 60 million individuals lacking insulin access by 2030, Novo Nordisk spearheads initiatives to bridge this healthcare gap.

In Africa, where access to insulin remains a pressing concern, Novo Nordisk collaborates with Aspen SA Operations Ltd. and South African Aspen Pharmacare Holdings Limited.

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A Vision of Affordable Healthcare in Africa

Katrine DiBona, Corporate Vice President for Global Public Affairs and Sustainability at Nordisk, emphasizes the company’s unwavering dedication to healthcare accessibility.

The partnership in South Africa aims to escalate insulin production, ensuring sustainable access to quality treatments for individuals battling diabetes across the African continent.

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Impactful Partnerships: A Step Towards Sustainability

Nordisk’s commitment extends beyond serving over 500,000 people in Sub-Saharan Africa. The partnership endeavors to produce 16 million vials of insulin, equivalent to the yearly consumption of 1.1 million individuals, by 2024.

By 2026, this number is projected to cater to 4.1 million people grappling with type 1 and type 2 diabetes across Africa, underscoring the company’s pivotal role in shaping sustainable healthcare access.