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Nick Jonas and Diabetes Warriors Unite for Dexcom’s #SeeDiabetes

Nick Jonas and Diabetes Warriors Unite for Dexcom's #SeeDiabetes

Supporting Dexcom’s #SeeDiabetes Campaign: Nick Jonas and the Diabetes Warrior Community

In a momentous initiative commemorating World Diabetes Day, Dexcom orchestrates a powerful display—an online gallery uniting a spectrum of individuals, from renowned advocate Nick Jonas to diverse users, rallying under the banner of #SeeDiabetes.

Crafting the Dexcom Warriors

As a pioneering force in continuous glucose monitoring (CGM), Dexcom has curated a legion of users, coined the Dexcom Warriors. This diverse assembly includes esteemed figures and everyday heroes, all sharing their compelling journeys with the company’s devices.

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Capturing the Essence: “The Many Faces of Diabetes”

Dexcom’s recent endeavor culminates in an impactful visual narrative—a dedicated website spotlighting “the many faces of diabetes.” Central to this platform is a captivating video loop, encapsulating a diverse demographic participating in photo sessions, underscoring the human essence behind their devices.

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Illuminating Objectives

Below this evocative video, Dexcom articulates the profound objectives of this venture. The company elucidates its mission to disseminate the narratives and visages of its device users, amplifying the urgency of widening CGM accessibility. This segment also highlights Dexcom’s strides in expanding access throughout the past year.

Portrait Gallery: A Glimpse into Lives

Prominently adorning the remainder of the website is an expansive photo gallery, boasting more than 35 portraits, seamlessly extending across the digital canvas. Hovering over an image unveils the individual’s name and country, fostering a sense of global community. Clicking on these portraits unravels additional snapshots and intricacies of each person’s journey, revealing poignant narratives or collective experiences.

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Voices of Experience

Accompanying these compelling visuals are personal reflections from participants. Steven C, hailing from the U.S., candidly expressed that diabetes is an integral part of his identity. Despite the daily challenges and the unique nature of each day, Steven embraces each dawn, dutifully managing his condition. With five years of experience using Dexcom technology, he attests to the significant ease and decreased discomfort in managing his health.

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Echoes of Growth

The resonance of Steven’s sentiments echoes a growing sentiment among numerous individuals. Dexcom’s recent third-quarter report revealed a notable 27% sales surge, prompting the company to revise its full-year projections for the third time. This robust growth has been attributed to widened accessibility and an expanded market share following the launch of the G7 CGM device.