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Kaleido Launches HCL System With Diabeloop & Dexcom

Kaleido Launches HCL System With Diabeloop & Dexcom

ViCentra introduces an innovative Hybrid closed-loop system for diabetes management, combining the compact Kaleido insulin patch pump with Diabeloop’s DBLG1 control software and Dexcom G6 CGM sensor.

UTRECHT, Netherlands, Nov. 21, 2023 /PRNewswire/ — ViCentra B.V., the pioneering force behind Kaleido, the world’s smallest and lightest insulin patch pump designed for type 1 diabetes, proudly announces the rollout of a groundbreaking Hybrid Closed Loop system for automated insulin delivery.

This groundbreaking system integrates the cutting-edge DBLG1 algorithm from Diabeloop, leveraging real-time data from the Dexcom G6 Continuous Glucose Monitoring (CGM) sensor.

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The system’s synergy harnesses the convenience of the Kaleido insulin pump alongside innovations from Diabeloop and Dexcom, creating a flexible, self-learning, and user-friendly Hybrid closed-loop system for effective type 1 diabetes management.

Frans Cromme, ViCentra’s CEO, expressed, “Our aim is to ensure an exceptional user experience and deliver outstanding clinical results with our Kaleido insulin pump in partnership with Diabeloop and Dexcom.

Achieving a 16.7%1 improvement in users’ Time in Range through Kaleido with DBLG1 and Dexcom G6 signifies tangible benefits for individuals coping with type 1 diabetes.

We take pride in offering this game-changing technology through a compact, aesthetically pleasing device, acknowledging the significance of reliability in a 24/7 medical companion.”

Noted endocrinologist Inge Van Boxelaer from AZ St-Lucas Ghent hospital added, “ViCentra’s efforts in enhancing the lives of people with diabetes are commendable.

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The innovation reflected in the small, innovative, and vibrant Kaleido insulin pump that seamlessly integrates into daily life is truly impressive and discreet.”

Highlighting the user perspective, Nienke Rutgers, living with Type 1 diabetes, shared, “Kaleido has provided me with an uninterrupted lifestyle, adapting flawlessly to my daily routines.

Its discreet presence allows me to focus less on diabetes and more on life’s activities. Additionally, having DBLG1 on board makes it even more appealing.”

Offering versatility, Kaleido users can wear the pump as a patch or carry it in their pocket as per their preference.

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The system boasts two durable and rechargeable pumps, eliminating the need for disposal every three days, a common practice with other patch pumps. Moreover, it is available in a vibrant range of 10 colors and allows for pause or removal for intermittent breaks.

Diabeloop’s DBLG1 system, utilized by over 10,000 users2 in Europe, utilizes real-time glucose data, reducing hypoglycemia by more than 50%3.

The algorithm adapts Kaleido’s insulin delivery based on personalized parameters and continuous learning, optimizing type 1 diabetes management. Real-time data insights are accessible to users and healthcare professionals via automated cloud-based transfer to the YourLoops platform.

The launch of the Hybrid Closed Loop system commences in Germany, the Netherlands, and France in partnership with commercial partner Diabeloop. Expansion to the UK and Italy is scheduled for 2024.

Stephane Majerus, CEO of Diabeloop, stated,

“We are proud to extend our collaboration with ViCentra, the home of Kaleido, offering enhanced diabetes management options to individuals coping with type 1 diabetes. The synergy between Diabeloop’s algorithm technology and the Kaleido pump aims to combine design excellence with high-performing, proven algorithms, ultimately improving the quality of life for people with diabetes.”

About ViCentra

ViCentra B.V., headquartered in Utrecht, the Netherlands, specializes in developing, manufacturing, and marketing next-generation insulin patch pumps for type 1 diabetes management.

Their flagship product, the CE-marked Kaleido insulin pump, is among the world’s smallest and lightest insulin pump systems, available in 10 color combinations, and offered in both manual and Hybrid Closed Loop System variants.

ViCentra, established in 2013, is supported by INKEF Capital, EQT Life Sciences, Health Innovations, Invest-NL, Partners in Equity, and Kreos Capital. For more information, visit hellokaleido.com.

Kaleido-DBLG1 Hybrid Closed Loop System

The cutting-edge Hybrid Closed Loop System by ViCentra requires only four parameters for setup, omitting the need for a fingerstick test*.

This system ensures 24/7 insights with automatic data transfer to care teams via the cloud-based YourLoops platform. Available in varied tube lengths and color options, the Kaleido pump offers a personalized experience.

With a sustainable design, the system features two reusable pumps and a reusable handset, enabling users to change infusion sets and cartridges separately, at least every three days.

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About Diabeloop

Founded in 2015, Diabeloop aims to make innovation accessible to individuals living with diabetes, providing AI-based personalized solutions to enhance clinical outcomes and alleviate the mental burden associated with diabetes management.

Diabeloop’s DBLG1 System, a CE-marked medical device under MDR standards, integrates a Hybrid closed-loop algorithm in a dedicated handset, catering to users across Europe. Med Supply US has Dexcom CGM information.