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The Era of Continuous Glucose Monitors Freestyle Libre 3 and Dexcom G7

Freestyle Libre 3 and Dexcom G7 | Med Supply US

FreeStyle Libre 3 and Dexcom G7

Continuous Glucose Monitors (CGMs) have revolutionized the way individuals manage their diabetes by providing real-time blood glucose readings, enabling better control and reducing the risk of complications. Two leading contenders in the CGM market are the Freestyle Libre 3 and Dexcom G7. Let’s delve into the features and benefits of each to understand which might be the better choice for you.

Freestyle Libre 3: Pioneering Convenience and Accuracy

In May 2022, Abbott gained FDA approval for the Freestyle Libre 3 CGM, marking a significant advancement in diabetes management technology. This 14-day system builds upon the success of its predecessor, the Freestyle Libre 2, boasting several remarkable improvements.

No More Scanning – Seamless Monitoring

One standout feature of the Freestyle Libre 3 is its elimination of the need for manual scans. Unlike its predecessor, the Libre 3 sensor automatically transmits blood glucose readings to the user’s smartphone or receiver every minute. This automation not only simplifies the process but also ensures that vital data is continuously available without the need for active user involvement.

Enhanced Accuracy and Compact Design

Abbott proudly touts the Freestyle Libre 3 as the world’s smallest and thinnest 14-day CGM system. The sensor is approximately 70% smaller by total volume compared to its predecessor, and plastic usage has been reduced by 41%. These enhancements not only make the device more discreet and comfortable to wear but also reflect Abbott’s commitment to sustainability.

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Precise Blood Glucose Readings

The accuracy of blood glucose readings is a critical factor in diabetes management. The Freestyle Libre 3 excels in this aspect, with an improved Mean Absolute Relative Difference (MARD). The MARD value decreased from 9.3% in the Freestyle Libre 2 to an impressive 7.9% in the Libre 3. This places it as the first CGM system with a MARD below 8%, ensuring more reliable data for informed decision-making.

Dexcom G7: Evolution in Compactness and Connectivity

While the Dexcom G7 awaits FDA approval (FDA approval status at the time of writing), its features and anticipated benefits have generated substantial excitement within the diabetes community.

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Streamlined Sensor Application

One of the key improvements in the Dexcom G7 is the shift to a 1-piece sensor application. This innovation eliminates the need for users to manage a separate transmitter, enhancing convenience during sensor changes. The size of the sensor has also been reduced by 60% compared to the G6 version, enhancing user comfort without compromising performance.

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Faster Warm-up and Extended Grace Period

The G7 stands out with its reduced warm-up time, from 2 hours in the G6 to just 30 minutes. Additionally, the G7 offers a 12-hour grace period, allowing users more flexibility when transitioning between sensors. These improvements contribute to a smoother user experience and minimize potential gaps in blood glucose data.

Smartphone App Integration and Alarms

The Dexcom G7 app is designed to integrate seamlessly with a range of devices, including insulin pumps and potentially even the Apple Watch. This adaptability enhances accessibility to vital data and aids in comprehensive diabetes management. Furthermore, the G7 app introduces the option to silence alarms, addressing alert fatigue and providing users with more control over their monitoring experience.

Choosing the Ideal CGM: Factors to Consider

Deciding between the Freestyle Libre 3 and Dexcom G7 depends on individual preferences and priorities. The Freestyle Libre 3 shines with its automated monitoring and improved accuracy, making it an excellent choice for those seeking convenience and precise data. On the other hand, the Dexcom G7’s compact design, faster warm-up, and customizable alerts might appeal to users who prioritize comfort and adaptability.


The landscape of continuous glucose monitoring continues to evolve, with the Freestyle Libre 3 and Dexcom G7 representing the forefront of innovation. As individuals with diabetes strive for better control and improved quality of life, these advanced CGMs provide valuable tools to achieve those goals. Whether you opt for the seamless automation of the Freestyle Libre 3 or the compact versatility of the Dexcom G7, both systems offer meaningful contributions to diabetes management.