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Tandem Source Unveils Unprecedented Capabilities in the US

Tandem Source

Pioneering Diabetes Management Platform by Tandem Source Unveils Unprecedented Capabilities in the US

Tandem Diabetes Care has introduced an advanced and comprehensive diabetes management platform named Tandem Source, which amalgamates the robust features of the company’s legacy t:connect offerings with cutting-edge data reports.

This innovative platform represents a significant stride forward for insulin pump users and healthcare providers in streamlining and optimizing diabetes management.

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A Game-Changing Evolution:

During a recent investor event, CEO John Sheridan underscored the pivotal nature of Tandem Source. It functions as an embedded data management tool within healthcare facilities, providing patients utilizing Tandem pumps direct access through their computers. Sheridan emphasized,

“We’ve completely revamped it, enabling physicians to customize data visibility, utilizing technology to present diverse graphs, aiding in more effective diabetes management for patients.”

The platform serves as a comprehensive hub, facilitating patients in accessing crucial data, managing supplies, and updating pump software.

A stark departure from the previous t:connect offerings that necessitated software downloads for pump data uploads, Tandem Source utilizes a seamless web-based pump uploader, ensuring expeditious data transfers to the cloud.

Furthermore, it enables automatic data transfers between pumps and the t:connect mobile app, enhancing accessibility and convenience.

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Streamlined Transition and Global Expansion:

Tandem ensures a seamless transition by automatically migrating data from current t:connect Portal or t:connect HCP users to the new platform.

The successful U.S. rollout of Tandem Source, nearing completion during Sheridan’s earlier address, positions the company to extend its availability internationally in the forthcoming year.

This strategic expansion holds promise for a global audience of insulin pump users and healthcare practitioners, amplifying the platform’s impact and accessibility.

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Future Innovations and Market Projection:

Sheridan positioned Tandem Source as a pivotal component of a series of launches alongside the innovative Mobi pump and integrations with Dexcom and Abbott CGMs.

Expressing confidence, he anticipates a transformative 2024 with the advent of these pioneering products.

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Despite a 40% decline in Tandem’s shares this year, closing at $27.15 on Thursday, Sheridan remains steadfast in his optimism about the company’s future trajectory, bolstered by these groundbreaking advancements.