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Dexcom G6 vs. Dexcom G7: A Comprehensive Comparison

Dexcom G6 and G7

Introduction: Explore the latest advancements in continuous glucose monitoring with the Dexcom G7, the eagerly awaited successor to the Dexcom G6. Discover the key differences, features, and what to expect from Med Supply US. Stay informed and make the most of your glucose monitoring experience.

Introducing Dexcom G6 and G7 Systems

Unveiling Dexcom G6 and G7 Discover the Common Ground

The Dexcom G6 and G7 Continuous Glucose Monitoring (CGM) systems share a common goal: to provide accurate glucose level monitoring without the need for fingerstick tests*. However, it’s the unique features of the Dexcom G7 that set it apart from its predecessor. Learn more about these innovative CGM systems and their distinguishing characteristics.

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A Point-by-Point Comparison

Sensors Redefined Dexcom G7’s Sensor Revolution

One of the most striking improvements in the Dexcom G7 is its redesigned sensors. Smaller and rounder, these sensors offer enhanced comfort and flexibility, allowing users to place them on different sites like the upper arm or upper buttocks.

Experience a quick 30-minute warm-up time, the shortest among all CGM systems, compared to the Dexcom G6’s two-hour wait. Moreover, the Dexcom G7 sensors come with pre-attached transmitters, eliminating the need to save and replace transmitters separately. Fill out this form to check if you or a friend qualify for CGM devices.

Elevated Accuracy Dexcom G7’s Precision

Dexcom’s commitment to accuracy shines with the G7, boasting a MARD (mean absolute relative difference) of 8.2 percent for adults wearing sensors on their upper arms. This places the G7 ahead of any other CGM available in the United States, surpassing the G6’s 9 percent MARD. Stay confident in your glucose data for informed decisions.

Enhanced App Experience Dexcom G7’s Intuitive App

Both the Dexcom G6 and G7 are compatible with mobile apps, but the G7 offers a completely redesigned app with a user-friendly interface. Integration with Dexcom Clarity enhances its usability with compatible smart devices. Stay connected and in control with the enhanced app experience.

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The Arrival of Dexcom G7

Global Rollout Dexcom G7’s Journey

The Dexcom G7 journey began with a limited rollout in select countries and regions. After clearance for sale in the European Union, it saw early releases in the United Kingdom, Ireland, Germany, Austria, and Hong Kong. For those eagerly awaiting its arrival in the United States, the FDA has recently granted clearance for distribution.

Frequently Asked Questions

Answers to Common Queries Dexcom G7 Unveiled

Get answers to frequently asked questions about the Dexcom G7:

  • Is Dexcom G7 available? Discover its launch status worldwide and what to expect in early 2023.
  • What sets Dexcom G7 apart? Learn about the remarkable improvements in sensor size and warm-up times.
  • How long can you use Dexcom G7? Explore the duration and grace period for wearing the sensor.
  • Is Dexcom G7 more accurate? Delve into the enhanced accuracy of the Dexcom G7.
  • When is Dexcom G7 arriving in the UK? Find out about the launch status in the United Kingdom and other regions.

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Stay ahead in the world of continuous glucose monitoring with the Dexcom G7. As it takes its place on the global stage, you can look forward to improved accuracy, convenience, and a user-friendly app experience. Dexcom G7 brings a new era of glucose monitoring that will benefit users around the world.