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Dexcom and Kore Health’s Partnership: Revolutionizing Remote Patient Monitoring

Dexcom and Kore Health's Partnership

Transformative Collaboration of Dexcom and Kore Health for Unprecedented Solutions

In a groundbreaking collaboration, Dexcom, a leading provider of continuous glucose monitoring solutions, has joined forces with Kore, a prominent player in healthcare technology.

This innovative partnership aims to introduce a state-of-the-art remote patient monitoring solution, providing crucial support to care providers amidst the ongoing challenges presented by the COVID-19 pandemic.

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Continuous Glucose Monitoring in the Pandemic Landscape

As healthcare professionals (HCPs) strive to monitor the glucose levels of COVID-19 patients, they encounter the formidable challenge of ensuring the availability of fresh personal protective equipment (PPE) for each visit.

This challenge becomes even more pronounced for patients dependent on insulin, requiring frequent glucose checks, sometimes up to one per hour. The result is the disposal of multiple sets of PPE daily for each patient, posing a significant strain on resources.

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Dexcom’s Cutting-Edge Solution

Dexcom’s innovative solution seeks to revolutionize this scenario by enabling continuous glucose monitoring. The system operates seamlessly, automatically measuring glucose levels every five minutes and transmitting the data to a handheld mobile device.

This device can be accessed remotely, empowering healthcare professionals to monitor blood glucose levels safely and accurately from a distance. The significant advantage lies in the reduction of PPE consumption, as HCPs can utilize only one set daily for necessary device changes or immediate interventions.

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Kore Health’s Swift Execution

Recognizing the urgency of this solution, Dexcom strategically partnered with Kore Health, leveraging their expertise in healthcare technology. Bryan Lubel, EVP of IoT Managed Services at Kore Health, emphasized their swift and comprehensive actions, stating,

“Kore Health was able to procure fully certified and ISO-compliant devices, complete engineering testing and approval, identify connectivity solutions, and deploy the first wave of equipped devices in just over a week – ensuring rapid speed-to-market for this critical solution.”

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In an era where remote patient monitoring is of paramount importance, Dexcom and Kore’s strategic alliance emerges as a beacon of innovation. This collaboration not only addresses immediate challenges posed by the pandemic but also sets a new standard for efficient and effective healthcare interventions.

As the partnership continues to evolve, it holds the promise of reshaping the landscape of remote patient monitoring, offering a transformative and sustainable solution for the healthcare industry.