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Top Long-Term Continuous Glucose Monitors Reviewed

Top Long-Term Continuous Glucose Monitors Reviewed

With the introduction of continuous glucose monitors, diabetes care has undergone a substantial evolution (Continuous Glucose Monitors, CGMs). These gadgets deliver accurate blood sugar readings in real time, giving users a complete view of their blood sugar levels. Constant monitoring lowers the likelihood of problems and aids in better condition management for patients. In this article, we’ll examine some of the top long-term glucose monitors on the market based on their features, precision, usability, and general effectiveness.

Medtronic Guardian Connect


The durable CGM device Guardian Connect from Medtronic is made to provide thorough glucose monitoring.

Predictive Notifications

Offers possible highs and lows up to 60 minutes in advance with predictive notifications.

Real-time Glucose Monitoring

Real-time glucose monitoring involves ongoing observation and five-minute updates.

Smartphone Integration

With a specific app, users can keep an eye on their blood sugar levels.

Insulin Pump Integration

For automatic insulin delivery, it can be integrated with Medtronic insulin pumps.

Performance and Accuracy

With a MARD of about 9.6%, the Guardian Connect system offers dependable and precise glucose readings.


Compared to other systems, the sensor insertion can be a little more complicated, but once configured, the device is usually easy to operate. Predictive notifications are very helpful for managing diabetes pro-actively.

Benefits and Drawbacks


Compatible with insulin pumps, real-time monitoring, smartphone connectivity, and predictive alarms.


Higher cost and a more involved insertion method.

Eversense CGM


The implantable sensor of Senseonics’ Eversense CGM device makes it special.

90-Day Wear Period

After being inserted beneath the skin, the sensor can be worn for up to 90 days.

Real-time Glucose Monitoring

Glucose measurements are continuously provided every five minutes with real-time glucose monitoring.

Smart Transmitter

To notify consumers of high and low glucose levels, the transmitter vibrates.

Smartphone App Integration

With their smartphones, users may monitor their blood sugar levels.

Performance and Accuracy

The Eversense system is among the most accurate Continuous Glucose Monitors, CGMs on the market, with a MARD of about 8.5%.


After a brief in-office procedure, the sensor is implanted and provides hassle-free monitoring for up to three months. The daily requirement to recharge the transmitter can be a small annoyance.

Benefits and Drawbacks


Vibration alerts, long wear time of the sensor, great accuracy, and smartphone connectivity.


Requires daily transmitter recharge and implantation.

Eversense XL from Senseonics


An even longer wear period is provided with the Eversense XL, an expanded Eversense CGM.

180-Day Wear Time

The sensor can be worn continuously for up to 180 days, or half a year.
Continuous updates every five minutes for real-time glucose monitoring.

Smart Transmitter

When glucose levels are high or low, it vibrates to inform users.

App Integration

Using a smartphone app, comprehensive data tracking is possible.

Performance and Accuracy

Reminiscent of the Eversense CGM in terms of MARD, the Eversense XL is renowned for its exceptional precision and dependability.


The longer wear period lessens the requirement for regular sensor replacements. The Eversense CGM implantation and daily transmitter recharge procedures are the same.

Benefits and Drawbacks


Vibration warnings, long wear time, excellent accuracy, and extensive app integration.


Requires daily transmitter recharge and implantation.

Selecting the Appropriate CGM

The ideal CGM to use depends on personal tastes and demands. Considerable elements include:


Verify if the instrument yields trustworthy readings.

Wear Time

Take into account how frequently the sensor needs to be changed.

Ease of Use

Choose a gadget with an easy-to-use interface and a simple insertion procedure.

Notifications and Integration

Alerts and Integration

Assess how customizable the alerts are, as well as how well they work with cellphones and other gadgets.


Take into account the initial and continuing costs of sensors and transmitters.

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What advantages do Continuous Glucose Monitors, CGMs have over conventional blood glucose meters?

Compared to conventional blood glucose meters, Continuous Glucose Monitors or CGMs provide the following benefits:

  • Constant Monitoring: Offers up-to-date information on blood sugar levels day and night.
  • Trends & Patterns: Assists users in recognizing patterns and trends in their blood sugar readings.
  • Alarms & Alerts: Informs users when their blood glucose levels are high or low before they are dangerous.
  • Fewer Fingersticks: Reduces the frequency of fingerstick examinations.

Can Type 1 and Type 2 diabetes be treated with Continuous Glucose Monitors, CGMs?

Indeed, people with Type 1 and Type 2 diabetes can utilize Continuous Glucose Monitors, CGMs. Those who require close monitoring of their blood sugar, such as those on insulin therapy or those who frequently have hypo- or hyperglycemia, will find them very helpful.

How frequently should CGM sensors be changed?

Each device has a different frequency of sensor replacement:

  • Some have a seven-day lifespan.
  • Some may continue for up to 14 days.
  • There are implantable sensors that have a 90-day or 180-day lifespan.

Do Continuous Glucose Monitors or CGMs need to be calibrated?

To calibrate some previous Continuous Glucose Monitors or CGMs, fingerstick blood tests were necessary. Nonetheless, a lot of the most recent versions are more user-friendly because they don’t need fingerstick calibration.

How can I pick the CGM that best suits my needs?

The best CGM is determined by a number of parameters, including cost, convenience of use, accuracy, sensor wear time, and unique features like smartphone connectivity and alarms. Speaking with a healthcare professional can help you choose the best gadget for your needs and lifestyle when it comes to managing your diabetes.

In Summary

Continuous glucose monitors, which offer real-time data and insights that enable people to take charge of their health, have completely changed the way that diabetes is managed. There are distinct features and advantages offered by the Dexcom G6, Freestyle Libre 2, Medtronic Guardian Connect, Eversense CGM, and Eversense XL. People can select the finest CGM to assist with their long-term diabetes care by taking into account their particular needs and preferences.