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Best Continuous Glucose Monitors for Type 2 Diabetes Management

Best Continuous Glucose Monitors for Type 2 Diabetes Management

The real-time data on blood sugar levels provided by continuous glucose monitoring (CGM) systems has transformed the management of diabetes. Though designed primarily for people with type 1 diabetes, Continuous Glucose Monitors or CGMs are also becoming more and more helpful for those with type 2 diabetes. When selecting the finest continuous glucose monitor (CGM) for type 2 diabetes, one must take into account many criteria such as cost, cost-effectiveness, accuracy, and customized features. Here’s an in-depth look at some of the top CGM alternatives available for type 2 diabetes control.

Dexcom G6

  • Because of its precision and dependability, many people with type 2 diabetes choose the Dexcom G6 CGM system.
  • It does away with the necessity for fingerstick tests by providing real-time glucose measurements every five minutes.
  • Users can receive glucose data on their smartphones or receivers by using the Dexcom G6’s compatibility with smart devices.
  • Its programmable high- and low-glucose alerts help with proactive diabetes control by providing timely notifications.
  • With a simple sensor insertion process and a comfortable design for extended wear, the Dexcom G6 is a straightforward device to operate.

FreeStyle Libre 2

  • Without requiring frequent fingerstick calibrations, the FreeStyle Libre 2 CGM system provides continuous glucose monitoring.
  • It has a tiny, wearable sensor that provides real-time readings of the interstitial glucose levels every minute.
  • Users can easily examine their glucose readings, trends, and alarms by scanning the sensor with a reader or smartphone.
  • With its customized alerts for both hypo and hyperglycemia, the FreeStyle Libre 2 enables people to act quickly.
  • It is appropriate for a variety of lifestyles due to its water-resistant design and long-lasting sensor (up to 14 days).

Medtronic Guardian Link

  • The goal of the Medtronic Guardian Connect Continuous Glucose Monitors is to assist people with type 2 diabetes in efficiently controlling their blood sugar levels.
  • To prevent extreme changes, it provides early warnings through predictive alarms for both high and low glucose levels.
  • Users can monitor their insulin dosage, trends, and glucose levels on a single, easy-to-use platform with the Guardian Connect app.
  • It has an easy-to-use interface with programmable glucose targets, alarms, and notifications.
  • With uninterrupted, continuous monitoring for up to seven days, the unobtrusive Guardian Connect sensor is a great option.

Eversense XL

  • With a maximum sensor lifespan of 180 days per insertion, the Eversense XL CGM system is unique.
  • Rather than requiring daily insertions, it makes use of a novel implantable sensor technology to provide continuous glucose monitoring.
  • Through a smartphone app, the Eversense XL system offers real-time glucose readings and trend data.
  • By keeping users ahead of glucose swings, its predictive notifications encourage proactive diabetes treatment.
  • Even though there is a small amount of surgery involved in the initial insertion operation, the longer sensor lifespan ultimately results in convenience and cost savings.

Abbott Libre Style 3

  • The most recent advancement in glucose monitoring technology is the Abbott FreeStyle Libre 3 Continuous Glucose Monitors, which offers improved functionality and accuracy.
  • Its inconspicuous and smaller sensor design allows for continuous glucose monitoring with the least amount of interference with regular activities.
  • With the FreeStyle Libre 3, users can precisely monitor their blood sugar levels because it provides real-time glucose readings every minute.
  • Its Bluetooth-enabled sensor makes data exchange with smartphones and other compatible devices easy, making remote data analysis and monitoring possible.
  • For those looking for greater accuracy and convenience of use in conjunction with cutting-edge CGM technology, the FreeStyle Libre 3 system is perfect.

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How can I determine whether type 2 diabetes is a good fit for Continuous Glucose Monitors?

Take into account elements such as data-sharing capabilities, accuracy, convenience of use, and compatibility with lifestyle.

How simple is it to utilize Continuous Glucose Monitors for type 2 diabetes?

The majority of CGM devices have user-friendly interfaces and straightforward insertion procedures.

Can I use Continuous Glucose Monitors to continuously check my blood sugar levels if I have type 2 diabetes?

Yes, Continuous Glucose Monitors deliver real-time data on blood glucose levels throughout the day.

Is it comfortable to wear Continuous Glucose Monitors sensors?

Continuous Glucose Monitors sensors are generally easy to wear during the day because they are compact, discrete, and comfortable in form.

I have type 2 diabetes; will my insurance pay for Continuous Glucose Monitors?

Depending on insurance plans and policies, coverage varies. For people with type 2 diabetes, some insurance might pay for Continuous Glucose Monitors, particularly if they fit certain requirements.

What is the frequency of CGM sensor replacement?

CGM sensors typically require replacement every 7 to 14 days, based on the particular system and the guidelines provided by the manufacturer.

Is it possible for my healthcare provider to get my CGM data?

With the data-sharing features that many CGM devices include, you can better manage your type 2 diabetes by sharing your glucose readings with your healthcare practitioner.

Do I require a prescription to get a type 2 diabetes CGM?

To get a continuous glucose monitoring (CGM) device for type 2 diabetes, a prescription from a healthcare professional is typically necessary.

Do you have to follow any dietary guidelines while using a CGM to treat type 2 diabetes?

For type 2 diabetes, there are usually no special dietary requirements when using a CGM device. To manage diabetes, you must, however, abide by the dietary advice made by your healthcare physician.

If I have type 2 diabetes and I’m pregnant, can I use a CGM?

Utilizing CGM devices during pregnancy is permissible with a doctor’s supervision. It is vital to have a conversation about this with your healthcare professional to guarantee safe and efficient use while pregnant.


To sum up, the process of choosing the ideal continuous glucose meter for type 2 diabetes entails assessing many aspects like precision, ease of use, attributes, and individual choices. Every CGM system has special features and advantages designed to satisfy the various requirements of people with type 2 diabetes. Through the use of CGM technology, people can acquire insightful knowledge about their blood sugar levels, which will enable them to make better decisions and manage their diabetes more effectively.