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Continuous Glucose Monitors: CGM Technology Spotlight of Trinity Biotech

Continuous Glucose Monitors: CGM Technology Spotlight of Trinity Biotech

June 03, 2024 — Launching its continuous glucose monitoring (CGM) microsite, Trinity Biotech plc (Nasdaq: TRIB), a commercial-stage biotechnology business focused on human diagnostics and diabetes management products, including wearable biosensors, announced today. The purpose of this website is to give the company’s stakeholders important information about its plans for the next iteration of its recently acquired Continuous Glucose Monitors biosensor technology and artificial intelligence (“AI”) powered health and wellness analytics platform. It also aims to give more visibility to the global commercialization of these solutions.

Driving Innovation and Awareness

We keep making great strides toward the global launch of our AI-powered health and wellness analytics platform and next-generation continuous glucose monitoring system, said Mr. John Gillard, President and Chief Executive Officer of Trinity Biotech. We have launched a dedicated website for key stakeholders, including potential users, payers, and physicians, to increase awareness of this technology, its benefits, and its understanding. This website also offers insights into the design philosophy that guides our vision for the technology. The three main pillars of our design and development philosophy are affordability, sustainability, and usability.

These, in our opinion, are the key elements that will enable accessibility to Continuous Glucose Monitors this vitally essential technology on a global scale, where the hundreds of millions of individuals affected by diabetes still have a significant unmet demand. We invite everyone who might be interested to subscribe to our newsletter and get updates about our developments.

Statements Regarding the Future

Many statements in this release, including but not limited to those about Trinity Biotech’s cash position, financial resources and potential for future growth, market acceptance and penetration of new or planned product offerings, and future recurring revenues and results of operations, are considered “forward-looking statements” under the Private Securities Litigation Reform Act of 1995 (the “Reform Act”).

Trinity Biotech asserts that the Reform Act’s safe-harbor provisions shield statements that are forward-looking. These statements are not based on historical facts and are typically characterized by language like “may,” “believes,” “projects,” “expects,” “anticipates,” or words of similar connotation. The following are some examples of the risks and uncertainties that could affect the specific forward-looking statements in this presentation: our ability to profit from our acquisition of Waveform’s assets; our ability to maintain our listing on the Nasdaq Stock Market; our ability to operate profitably in the future; the impact of COVID-19 and its variants; potential excess inventory levels and inventory imbalances at the company’s distributors; losses or system failures about Trinity Biotech’s facilities or manufacturing operations; The impact of fluctuations in exchange rates on foreign operations, variations in quarterly operating results, reliance on suppliers, market acceptance of Trinity Biotech’s products and services, the company’s ongoing product development, necessary government approvals, risks associated with producing and distributing its products on a commercial scale without defects, risks associated with competing in the human diagnostic market, risks associated with safeguarding Trinity Biotech’s intellectual property or countering third-party claims of infringement, risks associated with the state of the US economy, and additional risks listed under “Risk Factors” in Trinity Biotech’s Form 20-F annual report for the fiscal year that concluded on December 31, 2023, as well as in other periodic reports that Trinity Biotech has occasionally filed with the US Securities and Exchange Commission. Forward-looking statements are only accurate as of the date they were made. Trinity Biotech expressly disclaims any responsibility to update Continuous Glucose Monitors any forward-looking statements and does not promise to do so.

Concerning Trinity Biotech

A biotechnology business in its commercial stage, Trinity Biotech specializes in diabetes management products, including Continuous Glucose Monitors wearable biosensors, and human diagnostics. With the acquisition of Waveform Technologies Inc.’s biosensor assets, the company recently entered the wearable biosensor market. It plans to develop a range of biosensor devices and related services, starting with a continuous glucose monitoring product. The business creates, procures, produces, and distributes diagnostic systems, comprising reagents and instruments, for the clinical laboratory and point-of-care markets.
Detecting infectious infections and measuring hemoglobin A1c and other chemical parameters in serum, plasma, and whole blood are two uses for the products.

Trinity Biotech distributes its products directly to customers in the US, Germany, France, and the UK as well as through a global network of distributors and key partners in more than 75 nations. Please visit the company’s website at www.trinitybiotech.com for further details.

Notice of Disclaimer

Forward-looking statements in this press release are prone to many risks and uncertainties. For a thorough understanding of potential risks and uncertainties, Trinity Biotech urges stakeholders to consult the company’s periodic filings, and it disclaims any obligation to update Continuous Glucose Monitors forward-looking statements.

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What does Trinity Biotech’s Continuous Glucose Monitoring Microsite intend to accomplish?

The website is to highlight Trinity Biotech’s cutting-edge continuous glucose monitoring (CGM) technology and give key information to stakeholders regarding the company’s future goals for its AI-powered health analytics platform and CGM biosensor technology.

Who is the Continuous Glucose Monitoring Microsite’s main target audience?

Potential users, payers, doctors, and anybody else curious about Trinity Biotech’s CGM solutions and their advantages can all find what they need to know on the website.

Which of the Continuous Glucose Monitors technology’s primary features is Trinity Biotech highlighting on its website?

The website provides information about Trinity Biotech’s design philosophy for its Continuous Glucose Monitors technology, which emphasizes usability, affordability, and sustainability. It also offers details on the advantages and possible effects of Continuous Glucose Monitors technology on the treatment of diabetes.

How can interested parties remain informed about the most recent advancements in Trinity Biotech’s Continuous Glucose Monitors technology?

To get frequent updates on Trinity Biotech’s Continuous Glucose Monitors technology, including product improvements, clinical data, and market expansion activities, stakeholders can sign up for the newsletter on the website.

What distinguishes CGM technology from other products on the market for Trinity Biotech?

By emphasizing Trinity Biotech’s CGM technology’s distinctive qualities and advantages—such as its AI-powered analytics platform, unique biosensor technology, and emphasis on accessibility and affordability—the microsite can potentially respond to this query.