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Empowering Patients with Cellular RPM for Better Outcomes

Patients with Cellular RPM

Unveiling Cellular RPM Success

Recent patient-focused research reaffirms the efficacy of Cellular Remote Patient Monitoring™ (RPM) programs, revolutionizing patient engagement and healthcare outcomes.

Discover the ease and impact of using cellular RPM monitors, reshaping the patient-provider dynamic between healthcare visits.

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Research Insights: Elevating Patient Involvement

Three independent patient research reports underscore the effectiveness and convenience of cellular RPM programs in fostering patient participation in their care.

Patients attest to the simplicity of utilizing cellular RPM monitors, translating into enhanced health outcomes.

The seamless transmission of vital signs to healthcare providers facilitates proactive monitoring and management, bridging the gap between office visits.

Transformative Studies and Results

The University of Arkansas for Medical Sciences conducted a 30-day study involving pregnant women with Type 1 or Type 2 diabetes, utilizing Smart Meter’s iGlucose® glucometer.

An overwhelming 86% of participants reported improved diabetes management, attributing it to the automatic transmission of blood glucose readings to their physicians.

Positive appraisals of diabetes management and overall life satisfaction were notable among users, applauding the iGlucose device’s usability and satisfaction.

Baum Consulting Services witnessed remarkable outcomes implementing Smart Meter’s cellular devices.

Noteworthy cases include a hypertensive male patient who, with intervention after out-of-range readings, averted an emergency room visit.

Another diabetes patient achieved a substantial A1c reduction, from 10.4 to 6.6 in about 18 months, showcasing the program’s impactful long-term effects.

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Patient Surveys Validate RPM Efficacy

Findings from the 2023 National Hypertension and Diabetes Surveys underscored patient sentiments favoring consistent testing, buoyed by the assurance of automated readings transmission to providers.

A significant majority expressed confidence in RPM programs’ potential to improve disease management.

Future Outlook and Insights

Bill Bassett, Chief Marketing Officer at Smart Meter, emphasizes the growing evidence supporting remote patient monitoring’s role in enhancing healthcare outcomes.

Cellular RPM solutions empower patients with user-friendly tools, fostering active engagement in managing their health outside clinical settings.

Providers benefit from real-time vital sign transmissions, enabling informed decision-making and timely interventions.

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Empowering Healthcare Professionals

Smart Meter offers comprehensive resources for healthcare professionals to initiate cellular RPM programs, including a detailed guide encompassing RPM’s history, benefits, and implementation strategies.

Accessible through their website, this guide equips providers with insights into leveraging cellular RPM technology for superior patient care.

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About Smart Meter, LLC

Smart Meter stands as the leading provider of Remote Patient Monitoring solutions, facilitating a nationwide network of SmartPartnersTM dedicated to advancing patient care.

Their proprietary FDA-registered cellular monitoring devices, coupled with an exclusive AT&T 4/5G network, ensure seamless health data transmission for an engaged patient experience and improved adherence.