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AdvaMed Emphasizes Medtech in Diabetes Care

AdvaMed Emphasizes Medtech in Diabetes Care

AdvaMed Emphasizes Medtech in Diabetes Care: Insights from Congressional Hearings

Addressing Diabetes Management: AdvaMed’s Crucial Standpoint

Washington, D.C. – Today witnessed a pivotal moment as diabetes took center stage during a Senate HELP Committee hearing. Scott Whitaker, President and CEO of AdvaMed, seized the opportunity to spotlight the indispensable role of life-saving medical technology in the landscape of diabetes diagnosis and treatment.

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In a comprehensive statement, Whitaker underscored the collaborative efforts of numerous medical technology companies, aligning with healthcare providers, patients, and families in the battle against diabetes.

He commended the Committee’s continued dedication to exploring diabetes management, emphasizing the existing proven solutions that significantly enhance patients’ lives.

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Medtech in Diabetes Care Revolutionary Impact

Highlighting the transformative impact of medical technology in recent years, Whitaker emphasized how innovations facilitated by companies represented by AdvaMed have revolutionized diabetes care.

He accentuated the shift towards less invasive and user-friendly tests and treatments, empowering individuals grappling with diabetes to take control of their health directly.

Whitaker attributed this progress to the pivotal role of Medtech in Diabetes Care, emphasizing the disappearance of one-size-fits-all approaches to diabetes treatment.

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Advocating for Federal Focus

Aligning with the public sentiment, Whitaker voiced support for a stronger federal focus on advancing diabetes treatments. AdvaMed stands poised to collaborate with partners to achieve this shared goal of enhancing diabetes care and research.

Advancements in Diabetes Care by AdvaMed Members

AdvaMed members remain at the forefront of diabetes innovation, leading breakthroughs in various facets of treatment and care.

This includes advancements in needles, syringes, continuous and blood glucose monitors, insulin delivery systems, software, mobile apps, as well as A1c analyzers for both laboratory and point-of-care use.

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Public Opinion and Diabetes Perception

A national poll conducted by Morning Consult on behalf of AdvaMed earlier this year revealed the public’s resounding support for government investment in diabetes research and treatment.

It also highlighted the recognition of medical technology’s significant role in managing diabetes, underscoring the challenges individuals face in dealing with diabetes diagnoses.